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Your personal beauty salon

Wellme is the first professional beauty on demand platform in Poland. Discover the salon that was created especially for you!

Anywhere, anytime

Do you live in a rush and your day is full of endless tasks? Our mission is simple – we want you to always feel great. Regardless of how much time you have for yourself and how many responsibilities you have each day. We are here to make your life easier.

Why Wellme was created?

  • Because we live in a constant hurry...

    Balancing work and home responsibilities is not easy. We lack time for small pleasures, moments only for ourselves. And yet each of us wants to look beautiful regardless of the occasion.

  • ... and a visit to the hairdresser or beautician is too time consuming.

    When going to a salon, you need to set aside some time for driving there and back, standing in traffic jams, and parking your car. And you have to adapt to the hours when the salon is open! It can be a nightmare.

  • What if the stylist came to you?

    Do you have an important conference, family celebration or evening out? One of our professional stylists will take care of your appearance in a place and time convenient for you. You don't have to worry about anything, we even have a case full of professional tools!

See for yourself how simple it is!


Wellness & beauty experts

Wellme is a team of true beauty and wellness experts – hairdressers, masseurs, cosmetologists, but also salespeople, stylists and people associated with marketing and new technologies. Every day we make sure that our clients receive the highest quality services which you can order in a simple and intuitive way, and which compete with the best beauty salons.

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