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Beauty treatments

A visit to the salon requires time, effort and arranging an appointment. What if the beautician came to you? It’s possible with Wellme! While you relax watching your favourite series or listening to music, our expert will take care of your face or body. And all this at home – clean, hygienic and comfortable!

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"Wellme is a true salvation! Visits to the beautician are always stressful for me. Wellme eliminates this problem. Fantastic beauticians come to my house and I’m really satisfied with the quality of their services."

Adrianna, Warszawa

"If you don't want to waste time driving, and you’re looking for professional beauty services, you’ve come to the right place. Brilliant and super friendly customer service. Everything in the comfort of your home with the Wellme team. "

Martyna, Warszawa

"I have a small child, so going to a beautician is almost impossible for me. Thanks to Wellme, I can book an appointment online and be taken care of at home. While I was enjoying the treatment, my child was sleeping soundly next door."

Olga, Warszawa

"A sensational and well-implemented idea. It's easy to choose the services, stylist and date of the appointment. The Wellme team is very professional, punctual and friendly. I tried it and I highly recommend it!"

Justyna, Warszawa

Face treatment, epilation or spray tanning 7 days at week.

Lash lifting, facials, or perhaps hair removal?

We have everything necessary, even a special bed.

We use only professional cosmetics.

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