Meet the Wellmist

Meet your makeup artist who will come to your home, an office or hotel whenever you need it.


Makeup artist

1. I am a makeup artist.

2. Why Wellme Time?
Wellme Time is the only internet platform in Poland with beauty services. It provides new opportunities for professional development and the opportunity to work with various customers.

3. What do I like the most about my job?
The opportunity to meet new people and see new places. It is a dynamic job that is full of challenges. I value individual working with customers, my makeup gives them self-confidence and improves their mood.

4. My favourite type of service is:
Wedding makeup that gives great satisfaction. I try to make the bride feel beautiful on this special day. I also like doing makeup for photo sessions.

5. The nicest thing I have heard from a customer:
In my work, it is important for me to perfectly match the makeup to the looks and style of the customer as well as the occasion. I often hear that I have done something which ideally matches their taste.

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