Meet the Wellmist

Meet your beautician who will come to your home, an office or hotel whenever you need it.


Beautician/Makeup artist

1. I am a cosmetologist, an optimist and a perfectionist.

2. I have been working at Wellme Time since May 2019.

3. Why Wellme Time?
I am full of energy, and being dynamics at work is very important to me. Wellme Time is a new project that intrigued me.
I value balancing my family life with my professional path and taking care of my feminine side, and our services make it easier to maintain this balance. Thanks to our form of providing services and by helping our customers save time, we are able to give them energy to be the best version of themselves.

4. What do I like the most about my job?
- satisfaction after a job well done, combined with the gratitude of the customer.
- not only the external effect, but also how they feel after the treatment, therapy, or makeup (participating in the most important events of our customer)
- contact with customers – being a part of their lives, listening to amazing stories.

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