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Meet your physiotherapist who will come to your home, an office or hotel whenever you need it.



1. My name is Piotr.

2. I am a physiotherapist.

3. I have been at Wellme Time since May 2019.

4. Wellme Time is an innovative platform that ensures me great comfort at work.

5. What I like the most about my work is that each person is different, and thus each case requires an individual approach, so I am never bored.

6. My favourite type of service is individual therapy with a physiotherapist.

7. The ideal physiotherapist should approach each patient individually and comprehensively in order to relieve the pain as quickly as possible.

8. The nicest thing I heard from a customer is that no one before has looked at his/her problem in such a holistic way yet, and as a result it was possible to determine the cause of the pain.

9. My professional vocabulary does not include the word "coincidence". Each ailment has its basis in the body, therefore each action taken with the patient is preceded by a detailed interview and functional examination, and then a therapy aimed at eliminating the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

10. In my spare time, I do various sports activities, such as running, football, and snowboarding. I am also a soccer referee and love reading detective stories and non-fiction.

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