Modern employee benefits

Build your image with style

We spend most of our adult life at work. It is not surprising that for 94% of us, the atmosphere in the workplace matters more than flexible working hours or professional development (source: Grafton). How can this be ensured? Wellme experts will take care of the health and well-being of your employees and help them find the right mindset for facing daily challenges.


It's all about health and atmosphere

The Employer Branding Institute has identified four pillars affecting employee satisfaction. They are health, workplace atmosphere, emotions, and a sense of purpose. Meanwhile, as statistics show, our job satisfaction is at a very low level. Time to change it!

  • Over 60% of Poles are unhappy in their jobs [];
  • 44% of employees worldwide feel burnout [Forbes, Seven Employee Wellness Trends for 2020];
  • 85% of employees carry out their duties without enthusiasm [Gallup Institute];
  • Only 5% of companies in Poland have an integrated and comprehensive wellness program [HRM Partners].

Corporate Wellness

Benefits for your company

Increased employee productivity and creativity.

Improved physical health and lower rates of sick leave.

Better well-being and less stress.

The employer is more attractive on the market.

An offer adapted to business

From massage to hair styling, manicures and makeup for special occasions. Surprise your employees with a gift or add new services to your hotel or spa offer. Choose beauty & wellness services! Highlight the selected package or packages and request a quote.


Employee benefits

  • Healing and relaxing massage
  • Consultation with a physiotherapist

  • Manicure and spa for hands

  • Men’s haircut

  • Hair styling

  • Occasional makeup



Health/relaxation day

  • Beauty Bar Wellme
  • Beauty packages

  • Work-site massage
  • Relaxing massage

  • Consultation with a physiotherapist

Yoga & mindfulness

Wellme Stress Reduction

  • Yoga Vinyasa Ashtanga or meditation in motion (online classes)

  • Mindfulness workshops – relaxation exercises and mindfulness exercises (classes online)

  • Materials for own internships

  • Online consultation with Wellme experts

  • Special offer for physiotherapy

  • Special offer for relaxing face and body treatments

Business photo session

  • Professional makeup

  • Hair Styles

Gift vouchers

  • Beauty packages

  • Dedicated beauty rituals

  • Amount vouchers

  • Occasional vouchers

Ask for offer

Put together a business package, and we will prepare a quote!

Would you like to create a package tailored directly to the needs of your company? Select the services you are interested in and ask for a quote. The services will appear in the contact form.


On-site massage

Relaxing massage

Makeup + hair styling

Styling before a photo session

Face treatment and massage


Hands spa

Male hairdresser

Ask for offer

Ask about our prices

Do you want to know how much particular services included in the business package cost? Fill out the form and send your query.


Services for the benefit of business

The comfort and convenience of employees or guests will strengthen your brand. Order professional wellness & beauty services from 07:00 to 00:00.

  • An attractive employee benefit or an extension of a hotel or spa offer.
  • Improving the health and well-being of guests or employees.
  • Strengthening the prestige of your business.
  • Setting you apart from your competitors and helping you build a unique brand.

We are at your disposal

Would you like to strengthen your company’s image and offer your guests or employees access to top-class beauty and wellness services? Wellme experts will take care of everything! Without hiring, without organizing cosmetology facilities. We will come with all the necessary equipment and cosmetics, straight to your company or hotel.