Meet the Wellmist

Meet your physiotherapist who will come to your home, an office or hotel whenever you need it.



1. I am a physiotherapist and a masseur.

2. I have been at Wellme Time since December 2020.

3. What I like most about my job is meeting new people and listening to their stories – those related to pain, as well as various life stories. The possibility of being part of a story of a person who is in pain or is experiencing some other physical discomfort and being someone good in this story, someone who helped that person, defines my value as a human being.

4. My favourite type of service is: individual therapy with a physiotherapist, because then I have a greater opportunity to tailor my activities to the person I am working with.

5. The nicest thing I have heard from a customer?
It was an elderly lady who had a general problem with verbal communication and the therapy was painful for her. I used to look her in the eye very often so that she would know that I had only good intentions and that she would know that we were exercising to help her. One day this lady said to me: "And only your eyes." I understood what she meant and it really moved me.

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